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Weekly Workout Plan 100% Tailored To Your Fitness Level With Shwetha Bhatia

Gym and Tonic is spearheaded by Shwetha Bhatia who is a Registered Dietician (R. D.) with the Indian Dietetic Association. She specialises in Clinical and Sports Nutrition
Become an exclusive Gym & Tonic member and have access to your very own 12 week tailored exercise program.
I will design you a custom program that you can either complete from home or from the gym. It will be all set out for you in your calendar week with pictures, tips and instructional videos for each workout, it will be clear and easy to follow.With the program being tailored 100% to you and your goals results are guaranteed!

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“Choosing a gym is often tougher than most choices one has to make …like where to go out for dinner, what to wear, what to eat…(these all important decisions will, of course, resonate more with women:)because it’s not a one day or one off decision. It’s somewhere you invest time, effort, commitment and money and all those are wholly worth it when you experience Gym n Tonic!

My second month here and I can truly say whether it’s my very committed personal trainer, Pankaj, or the fit bodied Abhay and Shwetha; every step of the way, you’re a priority.

Whether they’re on the gym floor (as they mostly are), or travelling, guiding you still remains a priority.

Attention to detail takes on a whole new meaning. From whether your footwear is appropriate for weight training, to your form and breathing technique being absolutely spot on, between Pankaj, Abhay and Shwetha; I can truly say…I love showing up and shaping up! Thank you Gym n Tonic…you rock!”

Manisha Chadda

I have been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I have come across testimonials of Rheumatoid Arthritis patients who have benefited from maintaining their muscles, strength, flexibility and weight. Training can improve and maintain the quality of life in those with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Thus joined Gym and Tonic.

I have been coming to the gym for about 3 months and since then, I have lost 8 kgs gaining strength. This wouldnt have been possible without my Personal Trainer Ashloy and currently Girish, who are positive and know how to encourage and motivate to get you to meet next level. Besides the entire team is very friendly, supportive and provide me with advice all the way. I really enjoy and look forward to my weight training session.

Nimmi Dos Reis

A special thanks to Ms. Shwetha Bhatia for her nutritional guidance. Thanks to all the trainers ( Rahul , Akash, Ashloy) for motivating me to come to the Gym daily and similarly pushing me to do my best .

Now fitness is become the most essential part in my life. In just 3 months I was able to gain healthy weight. Fitness has helped me to deal with stress.

I sincerely appreciate your individual attention towards Gym members and timely guidance and motivation for achieving my goals . Especially Rahul who was continuously motivating me.”

Vailanky Vales

Working out at GYM & TONIC powered by Shwetha Bhatia has changed my life.

I joined 2 months ago looking for something that will challenge and change me.

Every session is a different experience, every trainer here has his own strength. They motivate me which helps me to get stronger, and achieve my goal.

I’ve come a long way!

Getting fitter has honestly been the best thing in my life.

A Special thanks to Rahul for giving me his 100 percent.

I’m proud to be a part of GYM & TONIC.

Dimple Fernandes

Gym And Tonic